"What are you thinking? What are you feeling? What have we done to each other? What will we do?" - Gone Girl (2014)


Are we out of the woods yet?

Love this!!!!!

“So I’m a big Taylor fan, like everybody else I suppose, and I heard the snippet that they played on Good Morning America. […] It was just a small tidbit and I texted Jack [Antonoff] — Just to make it very clear we’re not like best friends or anything. […] He’s always been nice to me and we exchanged information. […] So when I heard this one song I was like “Oh man, this is cool. It sounds like —” forgetting that Jack had worked on it, I was like “Oh man, this sounds like a cool Bleachers cover done by Taylor Swift.” I texted him and I looked it up, and it turned out that he had actually co-written and produced the song with her, so I was like “Hey man, this sounds great. I’m glad to hear it.”” — Darren Criss on Taylor Swift’s "Out of the Woods" (x)

wtmkevin These punks… #echo #losangeles

@camila_cabello: i’m going to miss you my GOSTOSAS. you gave me that smile 


me: i miss zayn

my future spouse: ?? ?? who

me: *stares out of window*

do it! do it! just kill me know and get it over with because there’s no way i’m doing one more cook for you pyscho fucks!

WW: Is there anyone special in your personal life?

DC: Oh, of course! I’m one of those boring ball and chains, I’ve been with my same girl a long time, who I love very much.

WW: No that’s attractive!

DC: Well, so is she, so it helps.

I’m feeling rather shit.

DarrenCriss: Ah, the good ol’ Dalton Days… @ChrisColfer #tbt? Courtesy of our mastermind Director of Photography @JOAQUINSEDILLO