"This is a night we will never forget."


anonymous prompted: so after watching that gay bar scene, all i could think of was blaine giving kurt a lap dance in front of all their friends but everyone is a little tipsy but kurt and blaine don’t even care because they’re too into it heyooo *u*

“Hey, stud.”

Kurt’s still working through the beginning of his buzz, letting it mingle with the earlier rush over Rachel’s opening night. He’d thought he’d be more jealous, honestly, seeing Rachel up there before him, but he hadn’t been, because Rachel deserves this, deserves every bit of praise heaped upon her from now until closing night.

He looks up from his seat on the couch, sees Blaine and his easy smile, loosened by alcohol and the excitement of the night. The lights of the club pass over his face in streaks of color, and Kurt wants him. God, he wants him.

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favourite lydia martin hairstyles

Hey heart on the road again.
Moving on forward.

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"People shouldn’t underestimate you, should they, Ms Stonem?"

m0nalisasaperstein asked: karen jackson or mandy milkovich?

"You’re going to have some missteps. Life is not a straight shot up! As long as you do what you believe is best, going with the best intentions, and trying to be an honest, kind, good artist, then hopefully you’ll make the right choices."